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As a leading china medical equipment manufacturer, Maya attaches great importance to products quality and services of customers all the time. If our partners have any confusion or problem, we will the first time give them solution, and solve the problems.
Some FAQs are followed:


1. How to buy your products? Do you have distributor in our country?
You can buy the products from our company directly. Normally the procedure is: Sign the contract, payment by T/T, contact the shipping company to delivery the goods to your country.
Now we are looking for the qualify distributors for all countries.

2. What is the warranty? How about the spare parts? Do you offer the training for free? We are worry about the repairing, how to do the after service?
a. The free warranty is one year from the day of Commissioning qualified. If there is any fault for our products within the free warranty period, we will repair it and change the fault assembly for free.
b. We will attach the spare parts which is easy to be broken when shipment, it is convenience for using.
c. We get the video of the installing or the fault of the machine by the internet on line and our technical staffs will do the judgment and advice how to solve the problem. It is for free to offer you this service.
d. Normally, if some spare parts of medical x-ray machine have broken and can’t be repaired through the on line video advice, customer could take apart the faulted assembly and send to our company, Guangzhou of China, we will repair it and send it to customer. Normally, customer bear the cost of delivery to China and our company bear the cost of changing the assembly, repairing and delivery cost to China to customer.
e. If the amount of large and the quantity is big, we can send our technical staff to install the machines, training the technical staffs of the customer or our customer come to our factory to training in China. General speaking, we can provide our customer 7-15 training days for free according to different product. We charge of accommodation cost, other cost would be charged by customer.

3. How to trust you?
a. Our company, Maya Medical Equipment Ltd. was set up in 2003 which has operated for 7 years. We got the Corporate Business License that issued by Administration of Industry and Commerce of Guangzhou, got the license to sell the medical equipment from US Food And Drug Administration of China. It is not any Commercial disputes until now no matter the home business or the over sea business, and there is not any complain for our service and the quality of our products. We get more and more customers from Africa, Latin America and Asia according the principle of honest business and mutually beneficial cooperation.
b. Because of our principle of honest business, we got the honor for "National Advanced units for After Service of Medical Equipment" which issued by Business Coalition of China at 2006 and got the honor of "Model Integrity Enterprises" which issued by Entrepreneurs Association of Guangdong province in 2008. You can get the information from our website.
c. We have exported large amount of the medical X-ray equipment to Africa and the Middle East, etc. It was the largest amount of the X-ray machines for one purchasing in China that we sold 126 sets of medical X-ray machines to Congo by one time. The record was broken again in 2007 as we sold 150 sets of X-ray machines to the same customer by one time. And we also sold lots of medical equipments to Nigeria, Angola, West Africa, etc. Beside the medical X-ray machines, we also Ultrasound scanners, Surgical Instrument pack, etc.  We have very good record in our customs, Administration of Foreign Exchange and Foreign trade and economic cooperation committee. The amount of export is larger and larger these years because of the trust to our company is stronger and stronger.
e. We are the Gold supplier of Alibaba and we are the Golden Integrity member of Alibaba for 4 years.

4. How about the maintenance after the warranty period?
After the warranty period, we are still responsible for after-sales service, but you need to charge some costs. As long as the useful life of the equipment is unexpired, we will provide paid services, divided into the following special conditions: 
a. Video guide maintenance, if the parts do not need replacement, we will use audio and video to help you resolve the malfunction problem, this is completely for free.
 b. If the parts must be replaced, we will provide the parts to customers according to the cost price of parts. Customers are responsible for the transportation costs
 c. If the problem is quite serious, it needs us to dispatch crews to repair the damage in your country, all the related costs are at customer's expense as to the normal international practice.
d. Before the end of 2009, our company have already set up after - sale service department in Nigeria, Africa. Then, Customers of West Africa are within the scope of services, and the customers will be in charged with less expense. After 2010, our company will set up after-sales service in the Middle East Dubai. In light of the market conditions, we will unceasingly increase the organization of after-sale service abroad, so that can solve the problem of after-sale service in a foreign country. We also sincerely welcome the distributors who have technological strength and interests to approach us with the establishment of the area agents and special maintenance organizations.

5. At present, where are your customers?
The Democratic Republic of Congo, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Zambia, Angola, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Paraguay, Nepal and Myanmar and so on.

6. We need some original catalogues, can you send to me?
Yes, we can send them to you. As for new customer, please bear the delivery cost and we will deduct it from the first order.

7. Is it possible for your company to send technicians to customers Location to install the equipments if our purchase quantity is large enough?
Answer: It is absolutely yes. According to our company rule. If the total amount is or over One Hundred Thousand US Dollar or the ordered equipments is over 10 units, our company will send technicians to the customers location to install the equipments and train them how to operate and maintain the machines. Of course we also have to consider the cost, communication language and expiration time of Visa.

8. Are you a Manufacturer or Sale Agent?
Answer: We are one of the largest three manufacturers of Medical X-Ray machines in China. My factory locate in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, Covering 140,000 square meters. So far we are one of the largest exporters of Medical x ray machines.  We manufactured the first unit of 200mA medical diagnostic x ray machine in China in 1952; then in 1980, we launched the first unit of 500mA medical diagnostic x ray machine and manufactured the first unit of 400mA medical diagnostic x ray machine in 1981.
We Follow the Operation philosophy of "Keep Our Tradition, Pursue Constant Innovation", and take customers as the center. We get high reputation and trust because of our quality product and excellent after sale. Our Target is becoming one of the best supplier of medical diagnostic x ray machines in Globe.

9. Hong long is the delivery time if I make an order now?
This depends on the quantities of your order and models. In general, small machines, such as Medical X-ray machines below 200Ma or mobile x-ray machines, the quantities are less than 10 units, the delivery time is within 15 working days. If the quantity is 10-50 sets, the delivery time is within 40 working days, it is within 60 days for 50-100 sets, and it is within 90 working days for 100-200 sets. We have stock for 1-5 sets at any time.
For large-scale machinery, such as above 500mA, the delivery time is usually within 30 working days for the quantity is within 5 sets. It is within 60 working days for more than 5 set to 15 sets. It needs 90 working days for 15-30 sets. The specific conditions are based on the contemporary agreement. We have on stock sometimes, then, the delivery time is very short.

10. Can we visit your factory?
Of course锛寃e will prepare for everything in advance if it is necessary. Generally, it is requirement that customers must have build agency relationship or business relationship with our company.

11. How long is the validity of quotation?
Generally, our price is valid within one month from the date of quotation. The price will be adjusted appropriately according to the price fluctuation of raw material and changes in market. You can inquiry us per month if you need or we can send you our price list regularly, but you should provide us your detailed company information in record in advance.

12. How can we know your company? Are there any approaches?
a. More communication. Clients can browse our company website frequently and chat with our sale representatives freely. If the customers want to know more something about our company, they can send us emails; talk with us on the MSN, Yahoo Message and Skype etc. 
b. If possible, we warmly welcome customers to visit our company, to test the product function and quality. This will increase the knowledge about our company. Checking our company's certification & honor.
c. If necessary, the customers can check our company exporting record with the regular clients. By this way, the new customers will have a general idea of our company Business Principle and business status. Also the customers will have more confidence and trust on our company.
d. The better way to know our company is to build real business relationship. We hope the clients can understand our specialty, sincerity and business principle through the transaction. And so we can build a long term and beneficial partner relationship.

13. What kinds of certificates do your products have? Do you have the CE certificate?
Some of our products do not have the CE certificate. All of the products have ISO9001-2000, CMD Medical Device Quality Management Systems certificate, CMD National Medical Devices Certification, CCC Compulsory Certification of China, National Radiation Safety certificate, etc. The products are manufactured under those s Certificates and control the quality strictly.


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