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New customers paid a visit to MAYA
MAYA Medical Equipment Limited. is a leading export and supply chain service provider on medical equipment including medical x-ray machine, b-ultrasound, laboratory equipment, ECG, patient monitor, inspection apparatus, accessories and othe...
2016-08-04 15:55:01
Attention! We are filming our company's introduction video.
LastThursday,wehaveadayinfilmingourcompany'svideo.Inorderto show ourselvesin frontofourcustomersthanwhoistheonedealingwithyou and providingservice.Showing ourcompany'simageandqualitythatwehave strong factoriesandexcellentservice.Hope youwil...
2016-06-28 15:10:26
Good news锛乄elcome our customers to our company
Wehavecustomersvisitforbrandnewweek.Mr.KunalandhisfriendMr.SunnypaidtheirvisitfromIndiato China.Wehaveenjoyedagreatmealtogetherandvisitedourshowroom.ButforMr.AbdallahfromUgandaismuch morefarawayfromGuangzhou.Wedohaveagreatmeetingandwonderfu...
2016-06-21 17:21:03
Government officials from Uganda come to Maya锛
LastweekwehaveGovernmentofficialswhoarefromMinistryofHealthfromUganda.Theypaidtheir tiringandexhaustingtravelfromKampalatoGuangzhouforvistingourcompany,ourcomsumablefactory andhemodialysismachinefactory.Theyareallsatisfiedaftervisitingandtr...
2016-06-15 09:43:56
Welcome our customers visit to our company!
Though it is rainy these days in Guangzhou, our customers still paid their kind visit to our company. They are from Lebanon and Nigeria that have ordered a big deal of medical equipment (X-ray, ultrasound scanner, hematology machine and etc...
2016-06-15 09:14:58

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