Anesthesia Machine
Rugged metal case
Highlight ceiling lighting system
Retractable writing pad saves space
Lifting arm mechanism for easy and flexible operation

Anesthesia machine host
Closed, semi-closed, and semi-open inhalation anesthesia
Scope of application: adults, children
Low gas alarm: When the oxygen gas pressure is too low, there is an audible alarm greater than 7 seconds
High pressure limit: When the airway pressure exceeds the upper limit set value, the ventilator automatically limits to ensure that the airway pressure cannot continue to rise to ensure patient safety
Low pressure protection: When the oxygen pressure is lower than 0.1MPa, the laughing gas path is automatically cut off
Power failure alarm, power failure continuation function

Anesthesia ventilator
Electric pneumatic control, high-definition LCD display
Monitoring parameters: tidal volume, respiration rate, breathing ratio, peak airway pressure, airway pressure waveform
Working mode: manual, automatic
Breathing mode: IPPV, SIGH, SIMV / f / 2, SIPPV
Synchronous trigger pressure: -1 ~ 0KPa

High-precision double evaporator, optional enflurane, isoflurane, sevoflurane
Automatic compensation for flow, pressure and temperature
Self-locking and interlocking functions
Capacity: ≥250 mL

 Breathing circuit
 Integrated design, integrated breathing circuit
 Easy and quick replacement of soda lime