Digital Mammography Equipment

USD80,000.00 - USD130,000.00

1 set
228set / Month

The development of mammography technology has entered the era of functional diagnosis. Digital Mammography Equipment improves the sensitivity and specificity of mammography by capturing breast images under different energies. Through fusion and reconstruction, it can display substantial masses and microcalcifications, helping doctors Carry out more accurate diagnosis and obtain more information at one time, saving patients time and cost. The results of tens of thousands of clinical diagnosis showed that the breast contrast enhancement technology has improved the sensitivity and specificity, which is very helpful for breast screening and clinical diagnosis of high-risk groups and helps to identify the lesion, guide treatment, and postoperative evaluation.

With the support of an experienced professional team, we are able to provide a wide range of mammography cameras. Our array is highly praised by customers for its reliability, accuracy, and many other features. These mammograms come in different grades and sizes, which best meet the needs of our valued customers. We test these items on different parameters to ensure that our scope meets industry-specific standards.

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