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MY-C010A 7

MY-C010A 7" Maternal& Fetal Monitor CTG machine with good price

USD600.00 -USD800.00
  • Delivery:FOB
  • Minimum order quantity:1
  • Categories: Fetal Doppler
    Model NO.: MY-C010A
    • Place of Origin:CN
    • Instrument classification:Class II
    • Type:medical multi paramete patient monitor
    • Brand Name:MAYA
    • Model Number:MY-C010A
    • name:MY-C010A 7"Maternal& Fetal Monitor CTG machine with good price
    • display:7 inch
    • Specifications:single tire
    • Metal Type:medical multi paramete patient monitor
    • Product Name:patient monitor
    • Strength::<5mW/cm2
    • feature:Neonate ,Pediatric and Adult
    • usage:Neonate ,Pediatric and Adult
    • Working frequency::1.0MHz
    • Measurement range::50~210 bpm

    Product Description

    MY-C010A 7"Maternal& Fetal Monitor CTG machine with good price

    the detail picture of the medical patient monitor


    Description of medical patient monitor

    Parameters: FHR, TOCO, FM

    Portable, compact and beautiful design, which is convenient for the doctors to carry and use.

    7"LCD display and the doctor can visually see the fetal heart rate and uterine pressure changes on the screen.

    Using autocorrelation method to calculate FHR, and has high comprehensive sensitivity.

    Using 110mm wide printer to output the curves of FHR and TOCO and other monitoring data, which can help the doctor diagnose.

    Big audible and visual alarm on the top of the screen and the limit alarm is more eye-catching.

    Modular design, and easy to upgrade.

    Power supply: AC and DC. Built-in rechargeable battery can be used more than two hours.

    Humanized detail design, the color of any waveform and data can be set to the best effects according to the environment light or your favorite.

    Builtin communication interface, which can be connected to the central monitoring station into wired or wireless network systems.

    Optional: NIBP, SPO2, HR of Mother.

    Optional: function of monitoring twins.

    Technical Date

    fetal/maternal monitor

    Fetal Heart Rate:

    Transducer: Multi-crystals, pulsed doppler , high sensitively

    Strength: ,<5mW/cm2

    Working frequency: 1.0MHz

    Signal processing: special DSP system and modern recognization.

    Measurement range: 50~210 bpm

    Alarm Range:

    High limit: 160,170,180,190 bpm

    Low limit: 90,100,110,120 bpm

    Maximum audio output power : 1.5 Watt


    Measurement range: 0~100 units

    Maternal SpO2 measure:

    Measure scope : 70%~99%.

    Measure accuracy: ±3%

    Pregnant HR Measure:

    Measure scope: 30bpm~240bpm

    Measure accuracy: ±2 bpm

    NIBP measure:

    a) NIBP-SYS (6.7~32.0Kpa)(50~240mmHg)

    b) NIBP-DIA (3.4~26.6Kpa)(25~200mmHg)


    NIBP Accuracy: ±1.1kPa(±8mmHg)or ±5% of the results, take the bigger one.

    Maximum Mean error : ±5mmHg

    Maximum Standard deviation 8mmHg

    Pulse Rate Accuracy: Maximum Mean error : ±2bpm

    Measure accuracy: ±2 bpm or ±5% of the results, take the bigger one.

    Measure mode: Manual


    The LCD displays FHR, TOCO, FM , maternal parameters , time, date, volume and so on, It can store and play

    back the data.

    Power: a.c.100-240V,50/60Hz or 8.4 Li-LON

    Power Consumption: < 20W

    Dimension: 295W×240D×73H(mm)

    Net weight:1.75kg

    Working Environment:

    Temperature: 5~40℃. Relative humidity: 10~80%

    Transducer Acoustic Output:

    Under the requirements laid down in IEC 1157, 1992, the peak negative acoustic pressure

    does not exceed 1Mpa. The output beam intensity does not exceed 20mW/cm2

    and the spatial-peak temporal-average intensity does not exceed 100mW/cm2


    Viscous aqueous non-sensitising, hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to skin. Indefinite shelf life,

    bacteriostatic (not sterile).

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