MY-D042A Chinese factory price best selling medical portable dental x ray sensor price

USD2,000.00 - USD2,300.00

1 set
299set / Month

 Functions related to the best selling medical portable dental x ray sensor:
1. The sensor is designed to further understand the shape of the patient's mouth. Thanks to its rounded corners and smooth edges, patient comfort is optimized, while making sensor placement easier.
2. The embedded electronic equipment of the system is so small that everything is located in the sensor box! There is no need to find the location of the controller box in the workspace. With hot-swappable technology, you only need to plug the USB connector into the computer: X-ray inspection is now available. Sometimes less is more!
3. With a theoretical resolution of 26.3 lp/mm, coupled with CMOS technology and scintillator, the image is extremely clear and high definition.
4. The sensor runs in USB 2.0 full speed mode. The high-resolution image will immediately appear on the computer screen.
5. Sensor bracket free

Specifications about the dental x ray sensor:
External dimension: 36.72mm*24.35mm
Sensor technology: CMOS
Theoretical resolution: 26.3lp/mm
Real resolution: >20lp/mm
Pixel size: 19um
Active surface 30.02mm*19.95mm
Sensor cable length: 3meters

Quick details

  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Type:Dental Drill & Accessories
  • Brand Name:MAYA
  • Model Number:MY-D042A
  • Color:black
  • external dimension:36.72mm*24.35mm
  • sensor technology:CMOS
  • theoretical resolution:26.3lp/mm
  • real resolution:>20lp/mm
  • pixel size:19um
  • sensor cable length:3 meters
  • warranty:one year
  • MOQ:1
  • Item name:MY-D042A best selling medical portable dental x ray sensor price

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