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Surgical Supplies Medical Hospital Respiratory Monitor

Surgical Supplies Medical Hospital Respiratory Monitor

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  • Minimum order quantity:1 set
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  • Country of Origin:HuangPu
  • Categories: Patient monitor
    Model NO.: MY-C006

    The hospital respiratory monitor is a precision medical instrument used in hospitals, a dynamic and practical precision medical instrument that can simultaneously monitor patients. The equipment has functions such as collection and storage of ECG information, intelligent analysis, and early warning. And has the characteristics of precise monitoring, touch screen control, simple and convenient.

    Hospital respiratory monitor function

    1. A device or system that can be compared with a known set value and can send out an alarm if the hospital respiratory monitor exceeds the standard.
    2. The hospital respiratory monitor is different from the monitoring diagnostic equipment. It must continuously monitor the physiological parameters of the patient for 24 hours, detect the trend of change, point out the critical situation, and provide the basis for emergency treatment and treatment by the doctor, so as to minimize the complications and achieve alleviation. The purpose of eliminating the condition. In addition to measuring and monitoring physiological parameters, the use of monitors also includes monitoring and processing medications and conditions before and after surgery.

    Scope of application

    Patients with coronary heart disease;

    Patients with hypertension;


    Patients with hyperlipidemia;

    Obese people;

    People who are sedentary or lack exercise;

    People who smoke or drink excessively for a long time;

    People who are under high pressure and often nervous; rescue critically ill patients

    Quick details 

    • Place of Origin: CN; GUA
    • Model Number: MY-C006
    • Brand Name: MAYA
    • Color: White
    • Sensitivity: > 200 UV
    • Input Impedance:> 5 (megohm)
    • Risetime: 10us ~ 100us
    • Width: 0.1ms ~ 2ms
    • monitor: 15 inch
    • Amplitude: ±2 mV ~ ±700mV
    • parameter: 6
    • screen: color
    • feature: portable patient monitor
    Hospital Respiratory Monitor

    Hospital Respiratory Monitor

    Hospital Respiratory Monitor


    15-inch true color screen, wide viewing angle, high-brightness LCD display.


    Brand-new high-precision module, with high measurement parameter accuracy, reliable quality, and stable performance.

    Optional built-in rechargeable lithium battery, AC and DC dual purpose, light, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

    Powerful storage capacity, full parameter trend chart data in the whole process, ECG waveform storage and playback, and power-down save function.

    Optional printing output function, alarm triggered printing.

    Automatic sound and light dual alarm, the upper and lower alarm limits can be set arbitrarily.

    Defibrillation, high frequency electrosurgical interference

    Fully synchronized multi-channel ECG display.

    It is widely used in bedside monitoring, ICU/CCU, emergency center, family monitoring, etc. in various departments of the hospital.

    The body is light and firm, easy to carry, suitable for adults, children, and newborns.

    Standard configuration:

    l HR/PR, NIBP, RR, ECG, SpO2, TEMP, Rechargeable lithium battery


    l Dual TEMP

    l Dual IBP

    l ETCO2

    l Thermal recorder

    l Wall mount

    l Trolley



    Lead configuration

    Standard 3-lead or 5-lead

    3-leadRA,LA,LL,Lead method:I,II,III

    5-leadRA,LA,LL,RL,V,Lead method:I,II,III,aVR,aVL,aVF,V





    Adult 15 ~ 300bpm (beat/minute)

    Neonatal baby/children 15 ~ 350 bpm(beat/minute)

    Precision±1% or ±1bpm,the larger prevails

    Resolution 1 bpm(beat/minute)


    > 200 UV (Peak-to-peak value)

    Input Impedance

    > 5 (megohm)


    Diagnostic mode0.05~130Hz

    Monitoring Mode 0.5~40Hz

    Operation mode1~20Hz

    Common Mode rejection Ratio

    Diagnostic mode> 90 dB

    Monitoring Mode > 100 dB

    Operation mode> 100 dB

    Pole Polarization voltage Range: ±300mV

    Pacing Pulse Test

    Test pacing pulse in accordance with the following conditions:

    Amplitude:±2 mV ~ ±700mV

    Width: 0.1ms ~ 2ms

    Risetime: 10us~100µs

    Pacing pulse inhibition

    When pacing analysis switch is on, pacing pulse in accordance with the following

    conditions are restrained, but affection against HR calculation.

    Amplitude:±2 mV ~ ±700mV

    Width: 0.1ms ~ 2ms

    Risetime: 10us ~ 100µs

    Baseline Recovering Time

    After defibrillation< 3 seconds

    Signal Range

    ±8 mV (Peak-to-peak value)

    Calibrating Signal

    1mV(Peak-to-peak value),precision±5%

    ST Segment Measuring Volume

    Measuring range: -2.0mV ~ +2.0mV

    Measuring precision: Ranging -0.8 mV~+0.8mV, measuring error is ±0.02mV or ±10%, The larger prevails.

    No definition for other ranges.

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