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8 Inch Multi-parameter Hospital Room Monitor

8 Inch Multi-parameter Hospital Room Monitor

USD600.00 -USD800.00
  • Delivery:FOB
  • Minimum order quantity:1 set
  • Supply Ability:300 set / Month
  • Country of Origin:Huangpu
  • Categories: Patient monitor
    Model NO.: MA-C004

    The hospital room monitor as a device or system that measures and controls the physiological parameters of the patient, can be compared with the known set value and can send out an alarm if it exceeds the standard.

    This hospital room monitor can monitor main parameters such as an electrocardiogram (ECG), respiration (RESP), blood oxygen (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), dual-channel body temperature (TEMP), etc. It integrates the function, displays, and records the output of the parameter measurement module to form a compact and lightweight monitor. It's rechargeable built-in battery provides convenience for patient movement.

    The hospital room monitor can synchronously and continuously monitor the patient's ECG, blood pressure, respiration, body temperature, and other parameters, which provides a good means for medical staff to grasp the patient's condition in a comprehensive, intuitive and timely manner. With the gradual modernization of hospitals, more monitors will enter the clinic and become the most commonly used medical equipment inwards. Therefore, it is particularly important to maintain and maintain the monitor. Only by doing a good job of maintenance and maintenance can the monitor be in good working condition; at the same time, it can reduce the failure rate, extend the life of various sensors, components, and the whole machine, thereby reducing the cost of treatment in the hospital.

    Quick details 

    • Place of Origin: CN; GUA
    • Model Number: MA-C004
    • Brand Name: Maya
    • Type: First-Aid Devices
    • Item name: MY-C004 8 inch hospital emergency multi-parameter patient monitor
    • Color: White
    • Sensitivity:> 200 UV
    • Input Impedance:> 5 (megohm)
    • feature: multiparameter portable patient monitor
    • style: Rechargeable lithium battery
    • printing: Optional printing output function, alarm triggers printing
    • function: Auto double alarm with audible and visible signals
    • Port: Huangpu
    • usage: for Adult, Pediatric, and Neonate portable patient monitor

    Features of the hospital room monitor:

    8'' screen with true color, wide viewing angle, high brightness LCD display.


    Simple and friendly operating display interface.

    Rechargeable lithium battery provides convenience for patients' moving.

    Playback and browse function for long term waveform and monitor data record.

    Optional printing output function, alarm triggers printing.

    Auto double alarm with audible and visible signals

    Anti-defibrillation, anti-interference from a high-frequency electric knife

    A full-synchronistic lead multi-channel ECG display...

    This medical equipment can be used in ICU, CCU, and operation rooms.

    Suitable for adult, pediatrics, and neonate patients.

    Specification of the hospital room monitor:


    Lead configuration

    Standard 3-lead or 5-lead

    3-leadRA,LA,LL,Lead method:I,II,III

    5-leadRA,LA,LL,RL,V,Lead method:I,II,III,aVR,aVL,aVF,V





    Adult 15 ~ 300bpm (beat/minute)

    Neonatal baby/children 15 ~ 350 bpm(beat/minute)

    Precision±1% or ±1bpm, the larger prevails

    Resolution 1 bpm(beat/minute)


    > 200 UV (Peak-to-peak value)

    Input Impedance

    > 5 (megohm)


    Diagnostic mode0.05~130Hz

    Monitoring Mode 0.5~40Hz

    Operation mode1~20Hz

    Common Mode rejection Ratio

    Diagnostic mode> 90 dB

    Monitoring Mode > 100 dB

    Operation mode> 100 dB

    Pole Polarization Voltage Range


    Pacing Pulse Test

    Test pacing pulse in accordance with the following conditions:

    Amplitude:±2 mV ~ ±700mV

    Width: 0.1ms ~ 2ms

    Rise time: 10us~100µs

    Pacing pulse inhibition

    When pacing analysis switch is on, pacing pulse in accordance with the

    following conditions are restrained, but affection against HR calculation.

    Amplitude:±2 mV ~ ±700mV

    Width: 0.1ms ~ 2ms

    Risetime: 10us ~ 100µs

    Baseline Recovering Time

    After defibrillation< 3 seconds

    Signal Range

    ±8 mV (Peak-to-peak value)

    Calibrating Signal

    1mV(Peak-to-peak value),precision±5%

    ST Segment Measuring Volume

    Measuring range: -2.0mV ~ +2.0mV

    Measuring precision: Ranging -0.8 mV~+0.8mV, measuring error is

    ±0.02mV or ±10%,. The larger prevails.

    No definition for other ranges.


    Measuring Method

    RA-LL impedance

    RESP Impedance Measuring Range


    Base Impedance Range




    RESP Rate


    Adult 0~120BrPM

    Children and neonatal baby 0~150 BrPM

    Resolution 1 BrPM

    Precision ±2 BrPM

    Asphyxia Alarm

    10~40 seconds


    Measuring Method

    Pulse wave oscillometry

    Work Mode


    Measuring Interval of Automatic Measuring Mode

    1,2,3,4,5,10,15,30,60,90,120,180,240,480 minute(s)

    Measuring Time of STAT Mode

    5 minutes

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