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ETCO2 IBP Optional Portable 15 Inch Multiparameter Monitor In ICU

ETCO2 IBP Optional Portable 15 Inch Multiparameter Monitor In ICU

USD560.00 -USD1,500.00
  • Delivery:FOB
  • Minimum order quantity:1 piece
  • Supply Ability:1000 piece / Month
  • Country of Origin:Guangzhou,China
  • Categories: Patient monitor
    Model NO.: MY-C006-N(+)

    Multiparameter monitor in ICU can continuously monitor the patient's cardiac electrical activity through the display screen and is the most commonly used monitoring method in ICU. Medical staff can observe the changes of the patient's heartbeat frequency and rhythm in real time through multiparameter monitor in ICU, and find abnormalities in time and deal with them immediately.

    Blood pressure monitoring

    Blood pressure monitoring is also one of the most commonly used monitoring methods in ICU. It can automatically measure the patient's blood pressure through a multi-function monitor so that medical staff can detect the patient's blood pressure fluctuations in time and find out the underlying causes.

    Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring

    It is to place the cuff on the brachial artery of the measured person and record the change of blood pressure through an automatic pressure measuring device. It is the most common and convenient method for us to measure blood pressure.

    Invasive blood pressure monitoring

    Invasive blood pressure monitoring requires placing a thin catheter in the artery and then connecting a pressure conduction detection device, so that the patient's blood pressure can be measured in real time and reflected on the monitor. Invasive blood pressure monitoring can directly measure blood pressure by inserting various catheters or monitoring probes into the heart or blood vessel cavity through the body surface.

    This blood pressure monitoring method has the advantages of continuity, reliability and accuracy, and is suitable for all kinds of critically ill patients.

    • Place of Origin: CN; GUA
    • Instrument classification: Class II
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • After-sale Service: Online technical support
    • Type: Patient Monitor
    • Brand Name: Maya
    • Model Number: MY-C006-N(+)
    • Product name: ETCO2 IBP optional 15 inch multiparameter ICU patient monitor price
    • Warranty:1 Year
    • Keywords: ICU patient monitor
    • Parameters: ECG, NIBP, SpO2, RESP, TEMP, HR
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    Multiparameter monitor in ICU

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    Feature of Patient Monitor

    1. 15 inch high resolution monitor.

    2. Multi parameters : ECG, NIBP, SpO2, RESP, TEMP, HR.

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