Heart Attack ICU Ventilator
1 set
10000set / Month


Heart attack ICU ventilator performed well in operating room, ICU department and emergency department. It is used to assist or replace the spontaneous breathing of adults, children and newborns over 2kg. With 25 years of experience in market-oriented ventilators, we are professional and reliable, and can meet all your ventilation needs.

Due to flexible configuration, good quality and competitive price, this heart attack ICU ventilator quickly became a superstar in the market.

This ICU ventilator has invasive and non-invasive modes.

Product Certified : CE Certified


The 12.1 inch TFT screen displays ventilation parameters, alarm information and waveform diagrams, making operation easier.

A variety of ventilation modes can meet different clinical requirements. (IPPV, A/C, PCV, SIMV, PSV, SPONT/CPAP, SIGH, MANUAL)

You can choose 3 waveforms, two of which can be displayed on the screen at the same time.

The humidifier can heat and humidify the breathing gas to make the patient breathe comfortably.

Fast oxygen supply, high flow oxygen is automatically provided within two minutes

The high temperature resistance breathing circuit can be reused and has anti-pollution function.


14 kinds of sound and visual alarm information, which is convenient for users to carry out some error checking and troubleshooting.

Built-in oxygen concentration sensor to ensure stable oxygen concentration accuracy.

Four easy-to-move casters and two easy-to-stop brakes.

The independent design of the electronic circuit and gas flow can ensure the safe operation of the heart attack ICU ventilator.

The compact and long-life internal battery can provide emergency power, avoiding the risk of patients.

Perform self-check before operation to prevent system errors.

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