ICU Intubate Ventilator
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ICU intubate ventilator is a pneumatic and electronically controlled ventilator. There are multiple breathing modes for this machine, which can conduct rescue and treatment of patients by adjusting the tidal volume, breathing frequency, inhalation time, breath-holding time, and other parameters. This ICU intubate ventilator is suitable for the respiratory department, anesthesia department, ICU, and other departments.

I: Breathing mode


This ventilator with invasive and non-invasive modes.

II: Monitoring parameters

Tidal volume (Vt), measured total frequency (ftot), autonomous frequency (fspont), minute ventilation (MV), inspiratory-expiratory ratio (I:E, inversely proportional ventilation), PEEP pressure, oxygen concentration.

III: parameter setting

1. Tidal volume (Vt): 0~2000ml

2. Breathing rate (f): 4~99 times/m

3. SIMV frequency: 4~60 times/m

4. Inhalation time (Ti): 0.2~6s

5. Breath-holding time (Tp): 0~2s

6. Trigger pressure (Pt): -2Kpa~2Kpa

7. PEEP pressure: 0.1~2Kpa

8. PSV pressure: 0~5Kpa

9. The maximum safety pressure of the gas circuit: ≤6Kpa

10. Inspiratory oxygen concentration: 40%~100% adjustable

IV: Alarm performance:

1. Pressure upper limit (Ph) alarm: 2~6Kpa, sound and light alarm

2. Lower pressure limit (Pl) alarm: 0~2Kpa, sound and light alarm

3. Oxygen concentration upper limit (MVh) alarm: sound and light alarm when ventilation exceeds the set value

4. Tidal volume lower limit (MVl) alarm: sound and light alarm for ventilation volume lower than the set value

5. Power failure alarm: alarm immediately after a power failure, alarm duration ≥120s

6. Mute: ≤2min

7. Alarm for insufficient oxygen

V: Overall performance

1. Application: adults, children

2. Drive mode: pneumatic electric control

3. Display mode: 10"color LCD display

4. Power supply: AC 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz

5. Air source pressure: 0.3~0.5MPa

6. Host input power: 65VA

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