ICU Intubate Ventilator with Invasive and Non-invasive Modes.
1 set
10000set / Month

Our ICU patient mechanical ventilator for hospital provides advanced monitoring, decision support, optimal synchronization, and flexible mask selection, which can improve patient comfort and promote their return to natural breathing.

ICU patient mechanical ventilator for hospital is a device that can replace, control or change people's normal physiological breathing, increase lung ventilation, improve respiratory function, reduce respiratory work consumption, and save heart reserve capacity. Of course, no matter what kind of ventilator, it must have four basic functions, namely, inflating the lungs, converting inhalation to exhalation, expelling alveolar air, and converting exhalation to inhalation, which cycle back and forth in turn.

ICU patient mechanical ventilator is used for respiratory support for cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation; acute respiratory insufficiency or oxygenation dysfunction caused by various reasons; intraoperative and postoperative respiratory support; others who need ventilator therapy. It can be seen that the medical ventilator is powerful and plays an important role and position in the rescue process.

The ventilator for the medical, with invasive and non-invasive modes.

Certified: CE Certified

Ventilator Packing List
3Mechanical arm1pc
4Oxygen cell1pc
5Quick connector1pc
6Oxygen gas hose 3M & connector with machine & connection with the wall outlet1set
7Disposable tank patient circuit with filter and balloon(adult)1set
8Disposable adult mask1pc
9Disposable nebulizer kit(adult)1set
10Humidifier (adult)1set
11Power cable1pc
12User manual1pc
13Guarantee card1pc

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