An Optimal Combination of Invasive and Noninvasive Ventilator
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Medical Ventilator, with invasive and non-invasive modes

Safe Ventilation Through Whole Treatment Phase

Initial treatment stage
•Non-invasive ventilation mode can reduce the intubation rate, shorten the patient's hospital stay, improve patient comfort and reduce the risk of cross-infection
• Preset the patient's height and IBW. Reduce the workload of clinicians

Steady state phase
•PRVC and BIVENT adopt lung protection strategies to provide intelligent ventilation
• Comprehensive lung mechanics monitoring including compliance, airway resistance, PEEPi, and time constant
• Three waveforms and three cycles, and an easy-to-use display screen, can continuously monitor the patient's condition

Weaning period
•Multiple ventilation methods enhance the weaning process
•Unique trigger and leakage compensation system can protect each patient's breathing, make breathing smooth and comfortable, avoid extra workload for patients and promote recovery
•RSBI and WOB provide accurate reference for weaning

Recovery stage
• The data output port can be connected to hospital monitors and patient data management systems
• Provide pressure support for patients during spontaneous breathing

Optimal patient-ventilator synchronization to improve patient comfort
•Unique leakage compensation system-accurately control the tidal volume of each breath by automatically adjusting the compensation dose
• Advanced trigger technology-enhance sensitivity and avoid false triggers.
•Multi-parameter monitoring

The best combination of invasive ventilator and non-invasive ventilator
As non-invasive ventilation is more and more widely used in various clinical situations, we provide a dual solution, MY-E005D combines the advantages of a flexible non-invasive ventilator and a full-featured invasive ventilator for ICU

Cost-effective solution
•Unique metal base exhalation valve with high temperature and high pressure heating
•Built-in flow sensor, non-consumable design
• Upgradeable ventilation system software with usable USB port

Advanced mobile ICU ventilator
• Comprehensive ICU ventilator, including BIVENT and PRVC
•Compact, large-capacity battery, no air compressor, mobile in the hospital
• Flexible equipment configuration: equipped on a trolley, bed or ceiling