Visual Field Analyzer eye perimeter ophthalmic equipment

USD3,000.00 - USD4,500.00

1 set
500set / Month
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Model Number:MY-V020
  • Brand Name:maya
  • Type:Ophthalmic Optical Equipments
  • Radius of stimulator:300mm± 5%
  • Two visual lights:Yellow and red
  • Stimulating strength:From 0 mcd to 40mcd
  • Error of background brightness:3lux± 10%
  • Light spot:Diameter is 2mm +/- 0.25mm
  • Up-down:≥ 50mm
  • Right-left:≥ 28mm
  • Examination Ways:Threshold test; Fast threshold; Full threshold; Qualitative test
  • port:Huangpu
  • Type:Ophthalmic Optical Equipments

MAFFS-04Visual Field Analyzer eye perimeter ophthalmic equipment

1.Visual Field Analyzer ,ophthalmic perimeter MAFFS-04
2.visual field perimeter
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Radius of stimulator: 300mm± 5%
Stimulating source of LED: Two visual lights: Yellow and red.
Stimulating strength: From 0 mcd to40mcd, have 14 degree to adjust, the error is± 10%.
Error of background brightness: 3lux± 10%
Light spot: Diameter is 2mm +/- 0.25mm.
The number of stimulating and the stimulating time:
A. 391 spots;
B: Stimulating retention time: 0.2s--3.0s, the program can adjust;
C: Stimulating spacing interval: 0.5s --3.0s, the program can adjust;
Window of eye-position tracking: White-black CCD, directly tracking the testing eye;
The length of chin rest: Up-down: ≥ 50mm; Right-left ≥ 28mm
Eye position tracking: When blinking, the system will alarm automatically.
Examination Ways:
Threshold test; Fast threshold; Full threshold; Qualitative test
Test Range/ Scope:
Regular project: Central Field Test ParaCentral Field Test Peripheral Field Test
Macular Zone test Glaucoma test 0~60° Test
Specific project
0~90° User define test self define test (quadrant available)
Central Low Eyesight test Ptosis test Blind spot zone test
Diabetes test Neurology test Nasal step test
Temporal side zone test